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Happy, um… whatever…

Today, fun-loving people everywhere remember the incidence of Jamaican independence.

Or is that ‘sun’ loving people…?
I can never keep it straight.
Especially when I’m there.


You can see my house in this photo.
It’s right there, to the left of the other one…
See it?
The one with the white roof.

Everybody knows about Jamaica.
It’s a tropical paradise, full of sun and surf and sand.
And (apparently) horses who like nothing better than to go wading through said sun and surf with spoiled, ill-mannered and pampered tourists upon their backs…

Jamaica horse

That’s me in the picture… with the blue saddle…

Jamaica has a very prominent place in literature, playing as it does the setting for the novel The Man With the Golden Gun, by Ian Fleming.
Along with some other books, by some other authors.
But I don’t want to annoy James Bond, so we just won’t talk about those others right now…

Being that the island is tropical, it abounds in wildlife many might consider exotic.
Snakes, and bugs and lizards, and snakes, and alligators and snakes, and bugs and snakes…

Did I mention the snakes…?


That’s me in the picture…
Sporting the national colors…

Jamaica as an island nation is recognized the world over.
Even if nobody much knows where it is on the map.

Of course, a lot of people can’t even find more than about seven states within a map of the USA.
And those people are Americans!
So it’s not surprising that most people only have a vague idea of where Jamaica is.
That’s why officials from Jamaica will travel the world, spreading the word about how great Jamaica is as a vacation destination, and how great the weather is, and how wonderful the people are.
And then pointing to the country on a map.

And placing a push-pin on that map.

Push-pins are one of Jamaica’s main, um… thingies… that they, um… you know… make…

Jamaica Portia-China

That’s me in the picture.
Holding the rifle.

As I said, many, many people come to Jamaica every year.
Either as tourists, or in some official capacity or the other.


Gotta go to Jamaica.
It’s the only place on the planet where we can hold a Tupperware convention.
It just makes sense.
I mean, where else would you hold it?
We work there.
We want to go someplace really cool for our convention.
Someplace where it’s, um… warm.
With, um… sunshine.
Where, we can, um…
You know…

And the food…
Holy moly, don’t get me started!

Jamaica fireeater

That’s me in this image, right after a particularly mild offering at the restaurant one evening.

All in all, Jamaica is a wonderful place to visit.
All you have to do is make the time for it.

In fact, that’s how it got it’s name.
People would go around all the time, saying things like:

“Jamaica time for swimming, yet?”


“Jamaica time for dancing yet?”


“Jamaica time to relax, Jamaica good life for yourself!”

Eventually they got tired of all those, um… words, and just shortened it to something that everyone knew the meaning of.

And that’s why people always seem to find themselves in Jamaica.

… assuming they can find it at all…

I leave you with the national anthem of Jamaica.
But I gotta warn you…
It ain’t exactly reggae!!!

You still with me?
That’s what I call fortitude.

One last picture of me in the land of Jamaica.

Jamaica shashemene-rastafarians

I’m the one with the dreds…







Top image found here.
Second image found here.
Third image found here.
Fourth image found here.
Fifth image found here.
Sixth image found here.
Seventh image found here.




  1. It’s refreshing to see portraits of you that are not selfies…and such an educational post for me, since I know very little about Jamaica, tending as I do, to avoid turquoise water. After all your grousing about lousy map readers, you didn’t give us a map! Fortunately, I happen to know where the Greater Antilles are cartographically located, and the Caribbean too, so I guess it’s all right, in my case.
    Do you say Carib-BE-an, or Ca-RIB-be-an…? I can never get that straight.


    • Well, now…
      About those portraits…
      You have no idea the restraint involved in even acknowledging a picture of myself…
      The one I identified as the ‘one with the blue saddle…?’
      I was referring to the horse!

      And I hink I will start pronouncing it CA-rib-BEAN…
      In honor of Mr. Bean, of course.

      Liked by 1 person

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