I got nothin'…
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“X” marks the spot…


We go haulin’ off down the road, ’cause there’s this spot where the night skies are supposed to be breathtaking…

Also known as “I”, for short.
I go haulin’ off down the road.

And I get there.
In time to get checked in, with time left over to find the place before dusk.
And I take just an obscene number of exposures, given the shutter speed and the (really!) rather astonishing number of people there…

And none of the files turn out.
Because there was a bit of a breeze the entire evening.
Which, on a long exposure, might as well be a mild earthquake, for all the good it does the pictures.

On the plus side, the breeze did manage to keep the flying critters from feasting on my weary flesh…

So the next evening I get there extra early.
Looking for a place that might be a bit more protected from any wind.
And the ranger said I was pretty much out of luck.
And that the coming crowd was likely to be even larger than the night before.

But he directed me down the road, to a turn off that wasn’t likely to get much traffic, because the road was closed further on.

So I went.
And I found the place…
And it was even pointed in the right direction.
With no one else in sight.
And precious few cars traveling by.

Oh, happy day!
Oh, happier night!!!


You know…

Sometimes, life likes to have a bit of fun, too.
Sort of getting a little dig of its own in, if you know what I mean.

A site all to myself.
Perfect situational positioning.

And clouds.
Moving in.
Getting thicker by the hour…

That “X” was just about where the Milky Way was going to be, at the optimum time.

By the time the galaxy was visible, the clouds had gotten ridiculous.

Almost stars

And they only got worse, as the evening progressed…

Good one, life!

Can you see the galaxy peeking through, there?
Can you see the shooting star?

Ah, well…

Actually, it remains to be seen if anything can be salvaged from the first night.
And there actually was a third night, before Mother Nature just basically threw up her hands and told all of us night owls to go on home for the rest of the week.

But exploring a new area by day, and then staying up ’til all hours of the night doesn’t exactly lead to a clear-eyed assessment of ones files, during the subsequent hours of semi-consciousness.

I’ll have to get back to you with any other results.

Oh, and I was correct.
No internet, and only intermittent cell service… and none where I was staying/shooting.


Kinda nice, actually…





  1. not too shabby. what peeks through the clouds drifting by is tantalising. you may just have to go back, or find some new interesting locale to try and capture the stars in their fiery journey across the sky.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I’ll probably go back…
      As for other locations, it’s just too dang difficult to find a good quality of darkness, these days.
      Even my pictures from Wyoming suffer from light pollution.


      • We were looking forward to the star gazing out at the Dana Biosphere Reserve in Jordan, but the moon was full which made it hard to see anything. But we do understand what the expression “silver in the moonlight” means now.

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