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This month in Trumpville…

It’s been a very busy month in Trumpville.

Our main man gave a major speech outlining his plans to deny entry into the US of people who exhibit all the worst examples of his own brand of personality traits.

Trump Traits® they’ll be called, in all the paperwork printed on official White House stationary.

“You know they’re quality, because they have the name Trump branded right on the packaging.”

Our guy has labeled the current President as the founder of ISIS, conveniently ignoring history from as far away as a whole 15 years ago, when events transpired which led us to the current state of madness.

Under a completely different regime, of course…

Wouldn’t at all do to alienate those millions of people who would vote for lint, if it had a big “R” in front of its name…

He later claimed he was being “sarcastic”.

Sarcastic people everywhere took umbrage at his complete lack of understanding of their most cherished form of personal intercommunication with the rest of the planet.

“Trump…? Sarcastic…?”


Our man from Moscow (Iowa) also continues to sidle up to the President of Russia, in a somewhat caustic bromance, with all the subtlety and emotional depth of a Point Break meets a Taxi Diver.

Or a Brokeback Mountain meets a Wedding Crashers, if you will…

It sure has been a fun summer, here in Trumpville, what with the news that the Rug’s tax bill for his casino in New Jersey was settled for $0.17 on the dollar, once Chris Christie was elected governor.

The Don of New Jersey claims he didn’t know anything about the Rug’s tax problems at that time… even as he and his wife double-dated with the Rug and his wife…

Good ol’ governor Thug Thugger, of the bridge-gate scandal.
He also claimed he didn’t know anything about that little fiasco, either…

Wink, wink…

How can you be the governor of the most populous state in the nation, and yet be so ill-informed about everything happening around you…?

Can anyone say “cabinet-level post” for the ex-governor Bully Bullyson…?


Meanwhile, over in Crooked Hillaryville…





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