Month: September 2016


Oooooo… That’s gonna leave a mark! Let’s see… the wages of sin is death. (Gotta work on the subject/verb agreement of that sentence…) So… Death times 450%… That comes to… Let’s see… HEY! Anyone got change for eternity…?         Image found here.      


It be Talk Like a Pirate Day around the world. That day when ye be a lettin’ your inner buccaneer out o’ the brig, and let him be a gettin’ his sea legs goin’ for a bit. (Is it just me, or does writing in Pirate Brogue look suspiciously like writing in a regional accent; such as, say… Southern…?) Be ye a talkin’ like a pirate, or don’t ye, today is the day when Krispy Kreme may (or may not) be a giving free doughnuts to them customers what be plain speakin’, like… Also, Long John Silvers be a floatin’ his wares your way, for them same customers… Or maybe he ain’t. Maybe both of them bilge rats ain’t honorin’ the code of the sea like they was afore… I be sailin’ in other waters these days, and there ain’t been a sightin’ of Long John nor of the Kreme, for longer than I can recollect. The winds be unkind this year, and I’ll be plying the waves far from civilization, so I ain’t got me no …