An Appreciation
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Happy Birthday…

Today is the day we remember the birth of John Lennon…

Who, apparently, is fading into the mists of obscurity – as even Google doesn’t think enough of him to list him in the top ten of possible search results when you start tying in his name…

I suppose it’s inevitable that it happens at some point…
People become less relevant as their time passes…
Styles change, people move on…

We grow…

But some things deserve to be held on to.

We don’t forget about certain people in the annals of history.
Be they politicians or “merely” icons of pop culture, we hold onto the memory of their impact on ours lives…

Where were you when you heard the news of Elvis’ death?
Or Kurt Cobain?
Or Prince?

We hold onto their memory, because to forget them is to forget a part of ourselves.
Because they were of a stature to have become a part of our lives.

I wasn’t a fan of Elvis.
But I recognize what he was, and what he meant to so many people, including people in my life.

And I remember when he died…

And how it affected me.


And then there’s John…


Happy Birthday, John…
You were taken from us too soon…


A song John himself called one of the best lyrics he had written.
Across the Universe.

And remember…!




Image found here.





  1. Gorgeous photo of John there. He was ahead of his time, and his lyrics are so relevant even today. I love your song choice here. Can’t believe its been so long since he left this world. Thanks for writing this blog today. ❤

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