An Appreciation
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It’s amazing what four days of 20+ mph winds (or higher) will do for the quality of the air around here.

A clarity of seeing you might tend to take for granted in other parts of the country – such as the high deserts out west – becomes somewhat special when it happens around the New York metropolitan area, because of its rarity…


For example, in the above picture (which looks really great on my 27″ monitor, let me tell you… but probably looks like a pink and blue smudge on that dinky lil’ smart phone you’re trying to view this post on, bectcha by golly wow…) behind the breakwater that the lighthouse is sitting on, just where the horizon meets the sky, you can see longish bumps.
And to the right of the lighthouse you can see some sort of protuberance sticking up above the water.

That’s Long Island, people…
As seen from the southern shore of Connecticut, SE of New Haven.

Not very far, as the crow flies, but mighty rare to spot at sea level.

I could go further inland, and higher up, and spot the snot right out of that there island.
But it’s quite rare to see it so clearly with such a lack of elevation.

And then, of course, there’s the requisite drama you get at sunset whenever clouds are present…
A sight equally rare when there’s a brisk breeze…


Which explains why my go-to site for sunset pictures is so frequently maddening…
Most times, the wind blows the clouds away before then sun can get into position.

What sunsets need around here is some competent stage management, by golly by gum…

For those of you who might wonder why this is my go-to site, it’s because of the wide open, unobstructed view, with a bit of water and a couple of lighthouses thrown in for good measure.

(It’s also near to my favorite restaurant… but that’s not a part of the equation, for the purposes of this here post…)

So boys and girls…
What have we established today?

That clouds and suns are good for photography.
Add to that a clear sky and a really good stage manager, and you get drama…


Lot’s of drama…


Can we try it again people?
From the top, and without all this gosh darn wind…?





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