I got nothin'…
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Before and after…


As you may remember, a while back I went to the wilds of north central PA, to a certified dark sky site, to photograph some stars.

What we never hear about, though, when we research these diddly-dad-burned thingamagummies on that diddly-dad-gummed internet doohickey, is that while they’ll certify the heck right outta them there dark skies, they’re rather magically and mysteriously mum on the topic of whether or not those skies are gonna be clear enough to actually see anything…

Youse pays your money…
Youse takes your chances…

For those of you keeping score at home – and it only counts if you’re using a #2 graphite pencil – that would be approximately 3.14159265359 regional dialects I’ve written into this here post…

Your mileage may vary.

The above picture is how the shot came out of the camera…

All of the light on the foliage is from an outdoor light attached to the barn I was staying in.

No, I wasn’t raised in a barn.
But I do occasionally sleep in one on TV!

As you might be able to see, there’s a bit of noise, and some iffy pixels along the way.
And the foliage is too prominent, while the galaxy isn’t prominent enough…

And now we take a look at the same photo, after an episode of work in Lightroom.
(And just for the (yet another) record, pretty much all the photos of the night sky you’ll see have all had (more or less) significant work done to them, after the fact… (I’m just sayin’…))


A bit more pleasing to the eye, with the right things now having been brought to the fore…

No, I wasn’t playing golf at the time.

And just for the, um… other record…

When you use that #2 graphite pencil, make sure you fill in the oval completely!!!
We don’t want that Chad fellow hanging around here; talking up a storm, and attracting all kinds of unwanted attention from those wilder, more year-round denizens of the Great White North-central, eh…?

I’ve already dodged wolves in Wyoming, thank you very much for the alliteration, but no thanks for the adrenaline rush!

I’ve no wish to repeat that experience ever again.








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