An Appreciation
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Happy Birthday…


… to a man who wrote the most beautiful music…

… about the most distressingly star-crossed people ever to have existed…

Giacomo Puccini was born on this date in 1858.

Why do we not have more (and better) examples of the concept of Joy?

Is it because our greatest creatives haven’t known this state of being?
Is it because, in order to create great art, one has to suffer?
Does living in a state of Joy preclude the creative act completely?

Perhaps living in such a state gives one all the satisfaction one would receive from creating great works of art…

I not know…


But it’s worth thinking about…





Image found here.

Does anyone else think the above picture looks a bit like Jeremy Irons…?

And why two complete(?) versions of the same opera, you might ask…?


Why not…?




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