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An update on a classic…

I think you’ll all recognize this cover from a New Yorker Magazine issue in 1976.
It’s been around now for so long that many other attempts have been made to emulate it.

With more, or more usually, less success than has greeted the original.

It’s an iconic use of artistic talent to make a statement about how a certain segment of a population views the rest of that population…

It’s also moderately funny, and absolutely true… from the New Yorker’s standpoint.



There’s a new sheriff in town, these days…


Or hadn’t you heard?


And so there’s now a need for this map to be updated… to reflect a more up-to-date view of how the rest of the country should now be viewed.

Fortunately, our erstwhile editorial cartoonists are always there, ready to jump into the fray, when something needs to be said.

A revision, of sorts, on the classic take of a view from Ninth Avenue…

Though from Fifth Avenue, this time.
Of course!
A Trump wouldn’t caught dead on Ninth Avenue.

How terribly gauche…


True, it’s a view by just the one New Yorker, after all…

A New Yorker whom approximately 80%* of the rest of Gothamites chose not to vote for, in this most recent election for sheriff.
So you can’t really take this updated version as endemic to the city, as a whole.

But there it is…




*The numbers are kinda hard to track down.
One site says the number is just shy of 80%.
Others have claimed the number is as high as 95%.
Whatever the actual number, New Yorker’s don’t like, and didn’t vote for, our own “native son.”
I would have thought that might have given the rest of the country pause… but apparently not.





Top image found here.
Bottom image found here.





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