An Appreciation
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Early one morning…


… on the Pearl River Delta…

The atmosphere was so strange, to tis westerner’s eyes, during my time in Macau.
The light was incredibly intense, and “contrasty”, yet you hardly ever saw the sun.
With all the pollution blowing across from the mainland, plus the incredible amount of year-round humidity in the air, the light just bounced around from every which direction, and it became very difficult to spot a “direction” that the light might be coming from.

The exception was during July and August, when a lot of the mainland factories scaled back, and people went on vacation.

Which allowed the air to clear, a bit… especially around dawn…

And because you could now see for dozens of miles, instead of one or two, the light now came in in a more recognizable fashion.

And you could see things like the early morning fishing boats…


Golden Hour, indeed…




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