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I’ve always liked this picture, but I think it’s because of the circumstances…

It was a very quick, bang-bang kind of encounter.
I’d have preferred a bit more time to get focus and composition better locked in.
But you get what you’re given; and it’s up to the individual photographer to have his/her technique up to the level required to capture the scene.

The monkey pictured had just sauntered up and settled down as I was approaching Angkor Wat for the very first time, apparently unconcerned with any proximity to humans.

I found that somewhat confusing, emotionally.
I liked that the animal had learned not to fear humans, which I wish was more prevalent in the world, because of a profound universal benevolence exhibited  by man…


On the other hand, news of over-agressive animals has inspired some amount of trepidation on the part of your more consciously aware travelers around the world.

This individual (I didn’t catch the gender; thus the impersonal pronoun) – I say – the monkey couldn’t have cared less, and moved off shortly there after.


Good on ya, monkey…





  1. postcardsedge says

    I once woke up to find a monkey sitting outside my hotel room window watching me as I slept. Creepy on many levels to say the least. I had enough time to wake up and take a photograph.


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