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A typical day…


… in the sunny confines of California…

San Francisco, specifically (for those of you who couldn’t guess straight away…)

And as near as I can tell, this kind of is a typical sunny day on the bay.

I don’t claim to understand the weather patterns that create this rather amazing, rolling fog that comes sliding over and then down the hills to the south of San Fran – like an invading army of Mongol cloud warriors.

But riding up on the train from the south, and watching this almost alien-like weather occurring in real time is quite the surreal experience…

… to those of us who don’t have the opportunity to live with it on a daily basis.

I don’t know if there was an upcoming race the boats were practicing for, or if they were just taking advantage of the day.

This was shot in late July/early August, some 5 years ago – from the Fort Mason area, which is south of Fisherman’s Wharf, but north of the Presidio…




Ghiradelli chocolates…









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