I got nothin'…
Comment 1

Happy Spring…


Oh, happy day!

Happy happy, most happy day!!!


Not so much…

The above is what Spring currently looks like where I live.


*rackum frackum jackum smackum*


Somebody better be getting up off their duff real quick like…

Because as far as I’m concerned, Spring has definitely NOT sprung around here.


How about where you live?




* The translation of this phrase is better left to those who don’t still suffer – after all these years – from a galloping case of the blushes…




1 Comment

  1. Think of how green everything will be this year, though, hm? 🙂 All that snow melting into the soil and it’s such a refreshing shot of pure water for the trees and flowers….well, maybe not where the dogs piss, but yanno….you just can’t have everything. *sigh* 🙂


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