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Scourge of the Great White North…


Seems a lot of people are having trouble with the concept of immigration these days…
Well, I’m here to say there’s a new scourge on the horizon, and ain’t nobody even talking about it yet…

And I want to know why.
Why aren’t the fake media, with all their very fake news, heating up the airwaves with this story?

You see that picture above this text, up there?
Do you see it..?

Do you know what I see when I look at that picture…?
You wanna know what I see?
Do you want to know what I see when I look at that picture?


Now, I know you’ve always believed the Mercedes Benz line of cars comes from Germany.
Heck, I’ve always believed it.
German engineering, and all that hoo-haw…
Fahrvergnügen, and all that clap-trap.

Yeah, okay…
That last one is from Volkswagen…

Same difference!

But the problem isn’t that the scene pictured is from some idyllic corner of Baden-Württemberg…
The problem isn’t that the scene is peopled with, could we but see them, an assortment of happy lederhosen-wearing alpen-campers, all blissful yodeling and singing and blowing on their alpine horns like nobody’s business…


The problem with the picture is, it was taken in Canadidia.

That’s right, people…
Canuckistan is invading the good ol’ US of A; just as slowly and surely as if that their border didn’t even exist.

I say we need to build a wall, all right.
I say we need to build it on the northern border.

Pretty soon, we’re gonna be over-run, with Tim Horton’s and Canadidia Tire’s.
And everyone’s gonna be saying “eh” this, and “eh” that, before you know it.

Now, I always thought all Benz’s were manufactured.
Yet this picture would seem to imply some of them there cars are born…
Like animals, of some sort…

What else could all those pellet-like shapes on the ground be, if not eggs of some type?

I wonder what an SL Roadster omelette tastes like?
I bet it tastes like Freedom, eh…?

We are in danger, people, of being over-run by yet another invasive foreign invasive species…

Like kudzu!

Every where I went on this trip, all over Canadidia, I saw nests of these animals.
And the people were oblivious.

Well, I, for one, am not oblivious.
Nor am I blind.

I say we pop a coupla two tree Ricola’s, pull our gym socks up by the garter belt, and do something about this reckless infestation.
I say we whop them Swiss upside their little chocolare-loving heads for exporting more lozenges than the said aforementioned chocolate, for not being overall more German-like in general, and for being all bank-ified.
And while we’re at it, we can take care of them uppity Fahrvergnügennauts on the way home.

But what we really need to do is turn our attention to them there hockey playing, beer drinking and comedy exporting Canadians… ASAP!





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