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Over the Pearl River Delta, from Macau, in the south China Sea.

In the two-plus years I lived in Macau, it was a rare day to see the sun.
With manufacturing pollution blowing in from the mainland, as well as the natural humidity and a general turbidness to the air, sunshine was something to be celebrated, desired and greatly missed.

Except for the summer of 2010…

For a period of about 6 weeks, the pollution abated, due to summer vacation shutdowns.
And it was also unusually dry for that part of the world.
As my apartment faced east, I was treated to day after day of glorious sunrises…

The islands you can sorta make out in the photo were mostly unknown to me, because up until that point, I’d never been able to see them before.

Alas, the pollution returned, as well as the humidity.
And my sunrises disappeared…


Please, people…
Whatever you do.
Do not take your sunrises and sunsets for granted.

Sometimes, heaven is where, or maybe even when, the sun shines…

Enjoy the light…
In whatever form you chooses to consume it…






  1. When I sailed down the Pearl River in 1997, or 1998 it looked like a grey, murky winter’s night on Clydeside, not living up to its Romantic name. Yes, I was disappointed to not see much from the Star Ferry to Hong-Kong. What a pity we defile our world. These sunsets are beautiful.

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