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You’re getting very sleepy… Sleepyyyyyy!


Mostly because all of these ding dang little photo shoots happen WAY too late in the evening.

These things take place so late in the day, they should be classified as having taken place tomorrow although if you haven’t yet been to bed then what is tomorrow but the day after today but I haven’t yet gone to bed so tomorrow is today and yet also tomorrow which is being in two times at the same place if you’re going by the clock but who want’s to have their life run by the clock but then you cross the International Dateline (backwards) and get yourself all chronologically discomboobulated and oh dear I’ve gone and lost a bit of perspective and all of my mind from a lack of sleep…

If there were a way to do this by remote control, believe me, I would!
Though that does take most of the fun out of it.

Some guys have set up their back-yard observatories to be run from their computers from way inside their personal type bedroom/den/man-cave/type workspaces…

Kinda takes the seeing it with my own eyes type o’ wonder out of the whole process…

I learned how to do the above effect with a single shot through a tutorial found here

It’s not the same as pulling an all nighter, getting star trails…

… but it’s a dang sight more comfortable on the ol’ biological clock.






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