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Night refraction…


I found a new place to shoot the stars…
It’s two degrees darker on the site than any other place close to me

Unfortunately, it’s also twice as far away as my usual area…
And the night I decided to check it out, the was a 50% moon out.

You may remember the 18% moon out during the shoot of the farming sheds.
And how there was a more or less visible shadow of yours truly…

How moly was there a visible shadow out this night.
And only a 50% moon…

You might well imagine the stars I wouldn’t see, were I to go out… say…

Cause it’s a full moon, see…

I may, indeed, go out, but my star watching agenda will be severely curtailed if I do.
Tonight’s goal would be all about the moon.

I don’t yet own star tracking equipment, so that’ll be about all I get during a full moon.
I’m excited to get back to this spot during the next new moon…

If the weather cooperates…

The refraction above was caused by that same small moon, for a brief time, during the shoot.
By the time the moon had moved just a few degrees, the rainbow had bowed out.

Who ever heard of a moon-bow?

Live and learn…








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