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The darkest skies…


… for hours of driving time around…

At least, it is for me.
Up here in the great wilds of New England world, eh.
For those of you who live in Utah or Wyoming, or far from the maddening crowds that are either of the two coasts of America, rejoice in your good fortune.

You can tell that there’s still a fair amount of light pollution abounding.

But a while ago I posted this page, about a new location (to me, anyway) that held promise for some astrophotography…
These photos were taken under a new moon… in fact, the day after the solar eclipse, when I extended my Sun trip long enough to get some star time in…

Talk about your tired puppy…

As to the differences, the second one is a choice to de-saturate the stuff in the lower portion, in order to emphasize the important part: i.e. the stars.

Not sure if it’s working or not…
Quite honestly, I feel it might be pulling the lower portion into an undue prominence…


If any of you have an feelings about the experiment, one way or the other, please drop me a note and let me know!





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