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Happy Friday the 13th…


For those of you wondering just what the heck is going on with the above photo…

Let’s say you’ve driven hours away to get to the darkest sky for (literally) states around…
And let’s say that you’ve set you tripod up at the edge of a fairly substantial amount of water…

Now let’s propose that the ground is decidedly sloped… and uneven…
And that you are on day number ‘stupid‘ of some heavy activity.
After months of not much activity to speak of.

And let’s say you find yourself in some ridiculous’ dark, on sloped ground, with lots of rocks…
And an onset of the clumsies strikes, just as you move by said tripod….
While in the middle of a long exposure.

Or, saying it like they do in southern France, Viola!

I got my Halloween fright out of he way early this year.

Talk about somebody needing a fresh set of undies!!!

Still, it’s not a plan of action I would recommend for anyone.
Even if you are trying to get rid of certain items of your boring old wardrobe!!!

My suggestion would be to build a scarecrow.

Or anything a little less massive myocardial infraction inducing…
Freddy Krueger seems positively tame in comparison.




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  1. It only goes to show that the creative process is always full of unexpected turns – as long as we are open to them. However, I hope you got out of the incident without damaging yourself.


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