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There are times in your life which you look back on as having become seminal points in your personal history.
Not that you’re immediately aware of the fact.

… but sometimes you are…

A trip to the state of Wyoming 2+ years ago was one such point for me.
Because I knew going in that it had the potential to be a bit of a turning point.

I went with expectation of finding dark skies and attempting to photograph stars.
So far, so good… mission tenuously accomplished.

What I also found was a previously unknown fearlessness, concerning landscape photography.

Up until that point, I lacked the courage to shoot landscapes, having been under the spell of, and intimidated by, the great photographers of our collective past.
Great, iconic images of the American West had been a large part of what set me down this path in the first place.
And then very fine images by people I had the privilege to know, and whose work I admired.

But upon landing in Wyoming, the fear seemed to have vanished.
Shooting multiple gigabytes of files (as is my wont) filled my days and nights.

The above is just one example among thousands.

And then I started to figure out how to process the data…

Getting my Ansel Adams on, as it were…


What an experience!






    • Well… Ansel came through rather well, anyway…
      Wouldn’t want anyone to think this kind of work originated with moi…
      Just following in some rather gigantic steps laid down before me…


      • I remember being outside of Grand Tetons and finding a spot where Ansel took one of his famed shots…growth of the timber made for a different scene, but it was neat seeing the similaries in the landscape and shot. And of course how much better his was! Cheers to a good day.


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