An Appreciation
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Rice fields…


The rice fields of Vietnam.
In the Sa Pa region, to be specific…

What a lovely people.
So warm, and generous…

I’d definitely go back one day, should the opportunity arise.

A little about the picture…

I had just completed 2+ years in the urban environment of Macau, and was desperate for a view such as this one. I had already spent a month in Thailand, and two weeks in Cambodia, but nothing really presented itself to me, without the marks of Man all over it.

And then, on the first day in Sa Pa, we passed so much greenery, I was beside myself.
Which is a neat trick… if you can pull it off.

There might be those who would postulate that this, too, has the footprint of human habitation…

But after so long in what was, arguably, the most densely populated environment on earth, I was ready to accept whatever was being offered…

Kinda like being a photographer… in a zen sorta way!





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