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A beautiful cold….

There comes a time in your life… (hopefully just as frequently as the opportunities arise for you)… when you have to say to yourself “Well, yeah, it’s disgustingly cold out there, but gosh darn it, I’m going out in it anyway…”

And I assure you that’s the PG version of my inner dialogue…

I mean, look at the color in the sky…

Granted, I was using a telephoto lens, and the amount of sky herein sampled was rather limited…

But still…

I’m also somewhat amazed at the (somewhat) consistent color our sunsets are around here.
Given that in this photo we’re looking back towards the SE, the greater NY metropolitan area, and a corridor of a very busy interstate, but you’d think it’d would vary from day to day…

Not so much…

And lest any of you think I’ve taken up residence on Mars, or some other red planet, here’s a more ‘big picture’ view of the sunsets we usually get around here.

Except when we get clouded over, or no clouds whatsoever (and thus no drama…), or for any number of other reasons when I miss the daily spectacular that is the miracle of sunsets…

And all the other mitigating circumstances that go into my photography.
Like the myriad decisions I have to make by choosing to shoot in manual.
And my absolute repugnance with a normal winter’s color scheme, which I’m sure inclines me to the brightly garish palette of sunsets in the first place…


There are so many factors involved when judging your own work.


… much less anyone else’s…







  1. There’s nothing better than watching your vivid sunsets in the comfort of a cozy inside. Thanks for the sacrifice of heading out into the cold to take these.


  2. Ah! Gorgeous sunsets! 🙂 Right up my alley.
    Cold dry air does make for extraordinary skies.

    Still, I’m already ready for Spring, green, and the growth it brings.
    Fabulous shots, my friend! Cheerz to El Sol! UT

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