Month: April 2018

Just chillin’…

… in the window of a temple many hundreds of years old… I’m not sure what the these two were doing, except just hanging out… They were there when I arrived, and they were there when I left… And only slightly perturbed at the interruption of a tall westerner… Unlike so many children I saw at the Angkor Wat experience, these two weren’t all that interested in shaking down this tourist… Just chillin’… At just one more temple out in the jungles of Cambodia…   Maybe they were seeing into their future, and maybe knowing about this post, some seven years into their future, and realizing it was written on this, the 402nd anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, and possibly, the 454th anniversary of the birth of the best-selling fiction author of all time…?   Naw… Just chillin’…           Advertisements

Up, up, and away…

A picture from an annual balloon festival I attended some years back… Now… I had thought to accompany this pic with a video of “Up, up and away” by the Fifth Dimension… a frothy little confection of bubblegum pop from the late 1960’s… But some things just haven’t aged as well as others.

What the…?

April Fools… … a day late… So, I got up this morning to some five or six inches of the white stuff… And we’re not referring to the sand of a pristine tropical beach, here… Nor are we talking about a newly minted stack of printer paper, either… The equinox was a coupla’ two tree weeks back that away (⬅ that way, if anyone’s counting…)