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Not Boone…

… but one of a large number of elephants being used as tourist bait, in the city of Ayutthaya, the former capital of the kingdom of Siam… now known as Thailand.

This unknown elephant (we weren’t introduced) is a lot toothier than Boone was. According to the Book of the Google, about 50% of female Asian elephants and a small percentage of males have small tusk like teeth known as tushes.

Are those considered ‘small tusk like teeth’?
I really don’t know.
But it would seem to me to be rather silly, to import an African elephant, rather than going with the home-grown product.

As to which gender we’re looking at…
… like I said…
We weren’t introduced…

As with other areas of the country, I witnessed what I considered to be abusive treatment of the animals.

I realize that my impressions of things is not a guarantee of reality, nor even a close approximation of the situation under review… but when the animal in question is screaming in protest – and that’s a truly blood-curdling sound when heard in close proximity (you do know that when the movies went looking for a sound to represent Godzilla, they chose the elephant, don’t you…?) I think I’ll stick with my admittedly biased opinion, over that of those who are profiting off of said animals…


And to those of you who might think that they’re just animals, and without personalty’s, I present the following:

That’s Boone to the left, offspring number 1 laying down, and baby climbing on her big brother…


Just like human babies like to do…









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