Well… he’s just some shmuck, see…?

Born at an early age, he sprang into existence a fully-grown adult, without tact or a governor on his tongue. He was never actually a child – instead he was found under a damp rock somewhere, and has been making up for lost time ever since.

He has an undue fondness for ducks, peaches and surrealist humor, and has been known to quote Bugs Bunny on every conceivable occasion. He is also given over to laughing out loud at the most ill-timed of moments, and has decided that his humor is for his amusement, alone. Should you get the joke, feel free to join in the laughter, or groan, whichever is the more appropriate reaction.

An avid and voracious photographer, no photos of him are thought to exist…

Thinking has often gotten him into trouble, and has led to a complete lack of brain activity for months at a time…
Not thinking hasn’t turned out so well, either…

Really, people… you can’t have it both ways.
Shall I think, or shall I not?
Or should I only think what you think – which kinda makes the world a rather boring place…?


  1. Hey! It’s me…I know it’s been a while. I got stuck. But….I’m really writing to let you know I truly enjoy reading your blog and have nominated it for The Creative Blogger Award. I sincerely feel your blog deserves this recognition. If you wish to participate, please follow the rules in the link below. Whether or not you choose to participate, I hope you will accept the recognition and my sincerest appreciation.
    Here is the link:

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    • Holy Moly…
      Okay, well, first and foremost, it’s so very good to ‘hear’ your voice again.
      I speculate to myself, when people drop off radar for a while, and while I completely acknowledge that my poor imagination is no match for Life, it’s always a relief to hear from those others – even if I’m just about the worst person in the world when it comes to expressing my… emotions…? no, that’s not the right word… affection…? no, that’s not right, either…
      Well, this comment is certainly giving lie to the ambition of being some sort of writer, isn’t it?
      Let’s just say that I’ve grown awfully (meaning ‘full of awe’) fond of that portion of their life that those I follow have allowed all of us to see…
      Does that make any sense at all?

      Now… to business.
      I’m humbled and flattered by your words, and have no idea how to respond in a way that will do justice, to the honor you do me.

      I’ve seen these awards all over the net, on so many other blogs; to the point that I thought I might better have a plan in place, should the inconceivable ever happen to this blog.
      Alas, that dreaded day has come.
      And now my plan has to be thrown out the window – because it is you who are doing the nominating.
      Allow me to explain.
      There are blogs I follow because the authors are fellow searchers after visual beauty and/or truth – as I try to be, with my photography.
      And there are those I follow because they are pleasant, or funny – because, sometimes, even I get tired of myself being so gosh-darned serious all the time.

      And then there’s your writing.
      Which seems like a white-hot knife in that place inside me I cannot touch – for the pain is too great.
      I ache when you ache, and I wish I could do something to help relieve your pain.
      I wish I could say it was purely altruistic, but honesty compels me to admit that my motives are not quite so pure.
      If I could heal your pain, I might find the path towards my own wholeness.
      Mixed motives doesn’t mean that my desire for your well-being is any less sincere.
      It only means mixed – which may be the only motives we’re allowed to play with, until some happier time in the future.

      And having said that, I find the word that describes your writing, as I see it.
      A highly under-rated commodity, these days; and one that seems to be in rather short supply.
      At least, it is in my world.

      There is a sincerity to your words, and the way you convey them.
      I recognize and salute them, and you.

      And while I had resolved not to accept awards, should they ever appear, I now find myself writing a frickin’ novel in an attempt to explain myself.

      I cannot accept your nomination, because I would not impose myself upon those 15-20 other bloggers.
      I do not in any way feel your nomination to be an imposition, but I do feel my forcing myself upon others to be such.
      It’s complicated…

      Sincerity is in short supply these days.
      So is humility – not humiliation, which is an entirely different animal, and an abomination – but humility; the putting of others before yourself.
      It’s rather difficult to explain.
      I will work my buns off trying to achieve accolades, while never feeling as if I deserve them.
      It’s got nothing to do with low self-esteem. I got ego out the wazoo.
      But that’s another novel… and for another time…
      It has to do with caring enough about others that I would give no offense, nor be the cause of any effort that was not freely given.

      I’ve said too much.
      I cannot accept your nomination.
      I will gladly share 5 things with you.
      Because sincerity deserves sincerity in return.
      I will gladly share them with whomever wishes to read them.
      I would not force others to do so.

      My five ‘facts’ are:
      1) Mountains are my refuge, and my solitude. I can hear all of creation in the crash of a wave, and see all of our world in a coral reef; but mountains are my first love. It’s where I first learned humility before the universe – and we always remember our first love.
      2) I would gladly travel to the stars.
      3) Puppies are proof that something out there loves us.
      4) Music is proof that there is more to this world than we can see.
      5) I’m frequently appalled at the pretentiousness of my writing. And yet, I can’t seem to stop myself – and I’m surely the only person on the planet to have ever felt that way about their writing.

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