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Scourge of the Great White North…

  Seems a lot of people are having trouble with the concept of immigration these days… Well, I’m here to say there’s a new scourge on the horizon, and ain’t nobody even talking about it yet… And I want to know why. Why aren’t the fake media, with all their very fake news, heating up the airwaves with this story? Hmmmmm…? You see that picture above this text, up there? Do you see it..? Do you know what I see when I look at that picture…? You wanna know what I see? Do you want to know what I see when I look at that picture? I… See… GERMANY…! Now, I know you’ve always believed the Mercedes Benz line of cars comes from Germany. Heck, I’ve always believed it. German engineering, and all that hoo-haw… Fahrvergnügen, and all that clap-trap. Yeah, okay… That last one is from Volkswagen… Same difference! But the problem isn’t that the scene pictured is from some idyllic corner of Baden-Württemberg… The problem isn’t that the scene is peopled with, could …

What’s going on in the world?

  The world of comics, that is… I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… Some of the best critical thinking, throughout history, has come at the end of a colored pencil… Now, to some of you all of this may seem like just so much low-hanging fruit, and justifiable outrage. But to entirely too many it will seem like unwarranted criticism… Me…? Read the past posts if you’re in doubt as to where I stand. But I really don’t seem to be finding any societally conscious cartoonists praising whats going on. Politically conscious… Well, sure… But cartoonists with an eye for what’s actually happening? They all seem to be fairly unanimous… That right there is a cartoon with an eye towards the reality of the situation, the (gross though they are) nuances of the current climate, and a scathing wit… Long live the cartoonists…       Images found here.        

… um… now, wait a minute…!

  If History has taught us this fact, then we have learned it… But if we haven’t learned from History, then History has not, in fact, taught us anything… Ipso Facto, Presto Change-o, Ala Kazam, voila, ze trick, she is done… We haven’t learned… We haven’t been taught… The entire premise of the cartoon is null and void, prices and participation may vary, along with your mileage…   Oh dear… I think I’ve reasoned myself cross-eyed…         Image found here.