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Again… Music!

Music possesses only the pure perfection of fact – a fact rising in rhythms of sound. Rhythms which seem inhuman, because they’re essentially free from desire, fear and distress. Free from all the visions of glory, honor or the longing we impose upon music’s facade. Free from the emotional baggage, without which we cannot listen to any merely human music. For whatever remains when the merely human has been stripped from our arts, must be the essence of a communication from we know not where… with we know not what.


Do not be deceived… Don’t let the powerful, the greedy or the insecure fool you into their way of thinking. To argue and lobby against you, and to use the media to bend you to their version of events, is the same thing as to chase after you with pitchforks and firebrands. That you do not see it as such only speaks to the completeness of their victory. You’ve become all too comfortable with letting others define the terms of the debate – those who might have very good reasons for wanting you to remember certain interpretations, while denying any other viewpoints even exist. So allow me here, today, to add my voice to that overarching crescendo of human caterwauling we seem to live under.

Philosophical Bias Confirmation

You cannot choose your philosophical system based upon bias-confirmation. Philosophy must, by default, start from outside your own existence. For any system of thought to have validity, it must be independent – you are acknowledging it, not the other way round. “I have embraced Jovian Shamanism as the one true belief…” and that’s all well and good. But it’s under no obligation to return the favor.


“Truth doesn’t pay the bills.” It’s been said by so many different people it’s become a truism; with no one person able to claim definitive authorship. Now, I speak here not of any fractional versions of the truth, nor of distortions promoted for religious, socio/economic or political gain – but of Truth, with a capital ‘T’… Your Truth may vary… But why doesn’t it pay the bills? Is it because ‘they’ haven’t yet figured out how to monetize it? Or is it because, for almost all of us, the bills have become the truth of our existence? If those questions don’t frighten you – if they don’t scare the bejesus right out of you – then perhaps you should read them again. EJ Liederstein