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What’s next…?

The question is not which system of belief you will adopt. Religious or not, scientism or not, you will decide. You can’t not decide. Even the belief in nothing is a belief – even atheism is an ‘ism’. No, the question is what you’ll do with that belief once you’ve adopted it. Will you wallow in a hedonistic stupor, ultimately unconcerned with anything but your own navel? Will you ignore the oppression of the money and power-mad; the tyranny of the – finally – only mad? Will you continue to unquestioningly accept whatever those in power tell you, through whatever medium they choose to deliver it? Or will you at last begin to use your God-given/evolutionarily-evolved/unicorn-on-fairy-dust brain for something other than to keep your ears from slamming together? EJ Liederstein

Monday – 12/18/06

What in the world do people write about every day? Day in and day out… Maybe I just don’t have that much to say. Or maybe, more accurately, I don’t wish to inflict all the schtuff going through my mind on the general reading public. Something about cruel and unusual punishment comes to mind…