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The only photograph thought to exist, of the creature formerly known as: Snoddly Thumpernickel A SYLVAN TALE OF HORROR An original fantasy in long form It occurred back in the year of eighteen-ought-three, Deep in the murk-some woods of Mashamoquet. If you’d have the tale, then pause while I sit, and Speak of the Cabbage Patch Kid, who lived in a tree. Yeah. You know, that’s not really doing it for me. I’d wanted to do a frightening kind of Halloween-type blockbuster poem. Something epic, to endear me to the hearts of those people who like to have their hearts pounding, around this time of the year. A work of monumental proportions, combining many diverse themes – themes both classic and those more obscure. Something colossal; like the following ambitious, larger-than-life and rather impressive diagram:   [You wanna talk about horror – you try spending an hour or so mocking something like this up in WordPress, and then hit ‘Save Draft’ – and see if you don’t find yourself screaming rather impressively in horror.]

Pairs of Pears

Did you ever have one of those weeks? Where ‘the week that was’ still is? Or is it the ‘week that will be’ still ain’t? How about ‘the week that was never to have gone and supposed to be even remotely like this’ has gotten all pear-shaped? And that’s the good news… Cause I don’t like pears. “Well, then…” you might type, in your very bestest, most sincerest Pee Wee Herman style of modern prestidigitation, “if you don’t like pears, how is the fact your week has gone a bit ‘pear-shaped’ to be considered good news?”