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Cartoon Ice

New Brrrrrr-england, it is…

It has, apparently, been something of a slow news week, here in that part of the country known as New Brrrrrr-england. The radio and television, and even the print media (what little of it I ever pay attention to) has been positively abuzz with stories of how cold this winter has been, and of how there’s no end in sight. Well… I mean… Where the heck have they been all this time? The Bahamas? Don’t the intrepid reporters for the media ever even step foot outside? Or are they whisked from newsroom to assignment to home to the newsroom once more, by some sort of vacuum-sealed transportation device invented by Rupert Murdock, on his breaks from corrupting the journalism industry and hacking into the private phone lines of just about everyone everywhere…? Kinda like a giant climate-controlled zip-lock baggie from the nether-regions… Don’t they read this blog, by golly by gum…?


Afraid of the Light…

  What is it that would make one afraid to shine a light into their own darkness? Do they fear what they might see? Or is it because they already know what’s there, and cannot bear to look upon it? And are your own private terrors so excruciatingly fearsome – or are they merely yours, and you’d not have others realize how insignificant a fear it took, to so weaken your resolve? EJ Liederstein