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What the…?

April Fools… … a day late… So, I got up this morning to some five or six inches of the white stuff… And we’re not referring to the sand of a pristine tropical beach, here… Nor are we talking about a newly minted stack of printer paper, either… The equinox was a coupla’ two tree weeks back that away (⬅ that way, if anyone’s counting…)

Aphorisms 101

The need for aphorisms, the desire for the well-written and pithy quote, is one of the truly ironic things about modern society. It speaks – not ‘to’, but ‘for’ – our willingness to allow someone else to do our thinking for us. It’s an intellectual/philosophical laziness, enabled by a 24/7 culture, where anything we might want can be had on the instant. “I don’t have the time or the energy to figure out what I believe, or how I feel. What does this expert think? What does that celebrity say? Oh, look. Here’s a comforting/funny/profound saying on a blog/in a book/on a greeting card. There – my critical thinking’s been done for me. Let’s eat.” We can’t even be bothered to personalize the sentiment – the words of the anonymous author will have to do – for to put it into our own words would require us to think about it for longer than it took to read it. A true philosophy, even one so small as to be suitable to a congregation of just …

Here’s one for you…

“When one begins to live by habit and by quotation, one has begun to stop living.” James Baldwin Irony abounds… my keyboard is positively dripping with it. And adding insult to injury, here’s a list of Baldwin quotes on Buzz Feed. Apparently, those fine Buzzards are (perhaps) not as up to speed on the whole 
sardonic scene as you might wish. They put the above quote quite far
down in the list – number 24 of 25, to be exact. Me? I woulda put that sucker right up at the top… Or is it the quote that’s being secretly ironic, and I’m the one who’s missed the boat? Maybe even Baldwin, himself, was pulling a fast one on us. Oh, man, now I’m all confused…


“Thus, we see that one of the obvious origins of human disagreement lies in the use of noises for words.” Alfred Korzybski The really sad, or strange or ridiculous thing about this photo is, someone had come along and stuffed something into the coin slot, thus effectively making it impossible for anyone to give, had they been of a mind to.