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Moon of 4-12-16

Mishegoss… (mostly because WordPress doesn’t recognize this word…)

So… Here it is, the 20th (holy moly, is it the 20th already…?) – I say – here we are, two-thirds of the way through July, and things are starting to get seriously weird around the old homestead… The presumptive first-lady-to-be delivers a keynote speech to the rabid faithful, and then goes into seclusion when it’s revealed that she lifted whole sections from the last presumptive first-lady-to-be’s keynote speech, eight years ago… It’s unclear at this point whether the Republican establishment is upset more at the liberal media for pointing out the blatant plagiarism, or because the passages were taken from a (… shudder…) Democrat. Either way, it’s someone else’s fault… Of course… The Governor of New Jersey delivered a blistering attack on the presumptive Democratic nominee, accusing her (basically) of treason, cow tipping and baby punching. This is the same governor, by the way, (and don’t tell me it was all his aides doing, that he had no knowledge of their actions, and never, ever expressed a desire to get even with said mayor… although …