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  Of course, the proposed budget still wants the money to build one… You’d think they’d want to distract attention away from the builders of the last rather notorious wall… not focus a spotlight on it, with all the obvious parallels… They built a wall… And now the person they (allegedly) helped put in office wants to build a wall… Christ… Even Reagan looks good, in comparison…   One scrambled country, coming right up…       Image found here.      

It’s Congress-Man®!!!

I’ve been a fan of this strip for longer than I can remember.. Um… I’m sure that’s much more due to my lack of memory, than to any implied age of the creator of this fine, fine strip… I don’t really know if the implied ‘down east’ dialect is true to life or not… But he’s not shy about punching where he sees a target…   One of many brilliant artists working in the cartooning field today. I know that the gocomics site is a pay site… But sometimes you just have to pony up. It’s worth it, in my opinion…     All images found here through here.