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New Normal

The New Normal…

Just what is the ‘new normal’, anyway? Cartoons aside – and aren’t there times when we all wished we had the freedom of a well-drawn and pithy little color and ink sketch –  what do we mean when we say something like “the new normal…?” Perhaps it might help to define what we mean by ‘normal’; and then move on from there.


Where’s the title…?

No birthdays to celebrate with this post… Not that there aren’t enough to go around. I just don’t feel the celebratory spirit moving me today… Not so much. The snow and ice, despite day after day of above freezing temperatures, and rain, doesn’t seem willing to let go just yet. It can’t seem to understand that it’s time has come and gone. And that if I don’t get some frickin’ Spring action kickin’ up it’s heels around here – pronto – there’s gonna be tàh-rubble… Image found here.