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Roosevelt…? Really…?

Look…! It’s this way. Every morning, I get an email from the NY Times in my inbox. Each ‘category’ of news has what the Times considers to be the top three stories of the day. Digital subscriptions being what they are, it works out well for me; because I am frequently away from home, for one reason or another. Plus, I’m not wasting paper/trees/air/space…

Wait a tic, Charlie Hebdo

I’m confused… Ministers in Europe are calling on internet providers to identify and remove online content “that aims to incite hatred and terror.” Will that also include the website of Charlie Hebdo? Because if you print a magazine with a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad on the front, and you know that to do so is considered blasphemy, by most of 1.5 billion people… give or take… Isn’t that inciting hatred?

Philosophy 101, Pt. I

In an opinion piece in the December 8th edition of the NY Times, entitled “Know Thyself – Really”, a philosopher named Quassim Cassam from the UK goes to some lengths to differentiate between what he calls ‘substantial’ self-knowledge and ‘trivial’ self-knowledge. The article can be found here. First of all, I’ll need to get something out of my system, before we can proceed. Trust me on this one – it’ll be better for all concerned, if I just go ahead and do it now. I’m not saying any antisocial tendencies will thus be fully assuaged. But it’ll make it easier to get to the bulk of the above article in a more intelligent (and less childish) manner. Those of you impatient for the, almost surely, more scintillatingly existentialist thoughts to come, should probably just skip right on to Pt. II… Cause this may take a while… Where is Part II, you ask? I haven’t written it yet… Whatever… On with the show. Now… are you kidding me? Really? A philosopher… named Quassim Cassam? (gesundheit!) That… …