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Happy (belated) Birthday…

Busy, busy, busy… Oh, so busy! And normally I’d lament my missing a particularly (to me) notable celebration. But I couldn’t let this one just pass by unremarked. Yesterday was the 81st birthday of Peter Schickele, the “discoverer” of the music of PDQ Bach, the last, and certainly least of Johann Sebastien Bach’s many children. I give you, for your consideration, the grand oratorio, The Seasonings (S. no. 1/2 tsp) Happy Birthday, Peter… May you ever cause us pain… from laughing so much…       Image found here.    

Happy Birthday…

“Well, uh… you know, uh… what can I say? The idea that his (PDQ Bach’s) works were actually written by Christopher Marlowe seems ridiculous. Aside from the stylistic problems involved, I’m sure Marlowe could have done a better job.” “Die dee die dee die dee die…” “Agnus and her sister Doris Day-um… Kimosabe watch-um what you say-um…” Professor Peter Schickele – whose birthday we remember on this date. The incomparable Iphigenia, which ends entirely too soon for my taste. Enjoy! Happy Birthday, to a man I’ve been privileged to see in concert several times, and who continues to give me belly laughs, to this very day. Long live PDQ Bach!   Image found here.  

Egad… what starts with an “E”?

I’m not really in the mood to post today. Which is fine… I suppose. I would imagine that people need a break from the nasally twang that is that overriding undertone of subtly overt harmonics of a windowless drone that is mine own voice. Or… something like that. My voice isn’t really nasally… or twangy… I’ve been told that it’s really rather soft, and the ‘most non-threatening voice’ one person had ever heard… You got a problem with that? But my college choir director would come back from the grave if I ever affected anything even remotely resembling an adenoidally-flavored southern accent, unless it were adopted purely out of spite… or perhaps because a certain musical performance absolutely demanded it. A performance such as, say… Oedipus Tex, by P.D.Q. Bach.