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The communication of Power…

“Is it not possible still to hold that poetry is power communicated by words in verse, and prose is power communicated by words not in verse?”* And what then may be said of Poetry’s sister energy, Music? That it’s the communication of power is undeniable; but through what medium? Sound? Notes? That’s too simplistic. To define music as merely notes organized to your liking is to equally define poetry as letters so selfishly arranged. This simply will not do. Advertisements

Vessels of Admiration

  Would you have poetry in your life? Then you must become such an object of wonder, 
that a poet would search the world over for the perfect phrase in which to capture your essence. Would you have beauty in your life? Then you must learn to recognize the beauty that surrounds you.
You must begin to expand your definition of what beauty is, that you may see it more readily. Would you have love in your life? Then you must do everything in your power to become lovely,
 so that others may see what is already manifest within you. Love, and beauty and poetry are not something for which you must search. They’re all around you.
 You are the only obstacle to what you desire. You are what is keeping them at a distance. It’s the first lesson the poet or the lover learns; that the quality he’s seeking resides within the beloved. From there he goes on to discover those same attributes inside many vessels of admiration. Until, at last, he learns that these powers reside in …