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On the multiplicity of languages…

Languages are fascinating systems… Puzzles, really… With a language, one begins to think in concrete steps. Steps that can be transferred to another person, with more or less complete understanding. We can now begin to explore… ourselves and our environment. We can begin our quest for understanding, and truth. Without a language… well… Advertisements

How, and Why…

Ultimately, there’s no difference between asking ‘how’ something works, and ‘why’ something works. The ‘rules’ by which existence operates are in place; and (really) at our current position in the scheme of things, the ‘why’ of it can only be explored by first explaining ‘how’. The ‘how’ of the universe simply exists. ‘How’ was not instituted after consultation with a focus group. No central committee had a go at the rules, at which time they were posted for public comment. No one gets a voice on ‘how’, nor is it subject to a recall vote. It’s up to us to discover that ‘how’, to the best of our ability. Still… ‘why’ isn’t a question you can profitably ask from within the experiment.

Wedding Toast

  Ever may your cup be filled to overflowing – not with the wine which obscures the universe, but with that nectar of human intelligence and love which reveals it… EJ Liederstein (Said to be the response from the author, when asked to give a toast at some obscure friend’s granddaughters nuptials.) Picture from